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Have you registered with JobJump yet?
General: Posted 22-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
It will make life so much easier in the next few months if you do. Remember to use a non-school emaill address and the school password is: brumbies Do it now.
For more information, visit www.jobjump.com.au

Introducing the new Bachelor of Life Sciences!
Universities: Posted 22-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline

This new degree at UNSW will satisfy your innate curiosity about life, from the way things work at the molecular level, to the study of entire ecosystems. Discoveries in the life sciences are integral to the advancement of our world and society. Many students are drawn to the opportunity to study life sciences rather than science’s physical or numerical disciplines. Although maths and the physical sciences aren’t necessarily part of the degree, there is still the option to study these as electives to broaden and enrich their studies. Predicted ATAR: 80.00. Assumed knowledge: Mathematics, plus one of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science (depending on chosen area of study) UAC code: 429050

For more information, visit www.science.unsw.edu.au/life-sciences

UNSW Bonus points and Elite Athletes
Universities: Posted 22-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free on Wed, Aug 27, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Come join us for a chat about UNSW’s bonus point programs. This Hangout is an opportunity for future students to ask questions about both the HSC Plus (www.unsw.edu.au/hscplus) and Elite Athletes and Performers (www.unsw.edu.au/eap) bonus points schemes. Tune in on Wednesday, 27 August at 6pm and get your questions answered in real time! Put it in your diary.
For more information, visit https://plus.google.com/events/cv2ujlu7uoc3r01alof8fvb65oo#events/cv2ujlu7uoc3r01alof8fvb65oo

Scholarships for design, business, hospo & health
Scholarships: Posted 22-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
THINK Education has some exciting scholarship opportunities coming up at our eight colleges in the areas of design, health, hospitality and business. The wonderful thing about our scholarships is they cover either full or half tuition fees, taking away the worry so your students can focus on doing what they are passioante about.

For more information, visit cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/390057/file-1480825785-pdf/documents/THINK_Education_ScholarshipGuide201

$500 Tamworth Landcare Bursary:Environmental Sci
Scholarships: Posted 22-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Someone in Year 12 in Tamworth will be awarded $500. The Award will be granted to the Year 12 student showing highest environmental potential. Bursary to be used for first year university expenses when enrolled in a course of environmental or relatedstudies. So if you are studying science subjects or ag or a member of the Environmental Council intending on studying an environmental science course at uni, please see me to apply. The school can nominate one student.

Trial Results and Wollongong Early Entry
Early Entry schemes: Posted 21-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Do NOT put in your raw exam marks in your application. Instructions say that you are to include your Trial HSC marks and ranks for all subjects (if available at time of submission). Otherwise take the Trial HSC report to your interview. Your raw exam marks will not appear on your Trial HSC report.

Scholarships at St Andrews College USydney
Scholarships: Posted 18-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
St Andrews is offering $1 million worth of scholarships bursaries and prizes for students wanting to attend the University of Sydney and stay on campus. They have 285 male and female residents. You could apply for the E12 Early Entry and live at any USyd college including this one.
For more information, visit www.standrewscollege.edu.au

Snakes on a plane...
General: Posted 18-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Watch this space...

Resumes please....
General: Posted 18-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
To help you and to help the school, please construct a resume using the blue Careers Booklet as a guide. Print it and give me a copy for your file and then use it for applications to SRS, scholarships, jobs etc.

A huge 9 page MCC Careers Newsletter attached.
Career Choice: Posted 17-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Please open and read this - full of scholarships, open day information, HSC study options, new uni courses, gap year programs and so much more.

B Midwifery at Newcastle
Universities: Posted 14-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Now approved and has 3 steps to apply. See me please.

B Outdoor Education - new course at CSU
Universities: Posted 14-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
See the website
For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au/courses/undergraduate/outdoor_education

Architectural update at UNSW
Universities: Posted 14-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
UNSW Dept of Built Design has alternative admission schemes for 4 of its courses including architectural , industrial design and landscape architecture. See me for details.

B Computational Design at UNSW - new course
Universities: Posted 14-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
This replaces the Architectural Computing degree.
For more information, visit www.be.unsw.edu.au

Help with writing scholarships and statements
General: Posted 14-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Please collect a handout from me that I have put together to help you with scholarship, college and early entry applications.

Register with JobJump to help with applications
General: Posted 14-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Register with a non-school email address please to help with uni and job applications.
For more information, visit www.jobjump.com.au

Notre Dame Open Day Saturday 30 August, 2014
Open Days: Posted 13-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
9am-3pm, 104 Broadway, Ultimo> Experience life on campus> Attend info sessions & workshops> Meet our academic staff> Enjoy complimentary food & drinks> Live music & entertainment. Students are invited to go online to view the day’s schedule and to plan their personalised program.

For more information, visit www.notredame.edu.au/openday/sydney/

Bachelor of Public Health at UC
Career Choice: Posted 13-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
The Bachelor of Public Health provides foundation studies in health for those interested in a career in public health, health policy and planning, and health services. Kate Russell graduated with the Bachelor of Public Health, 2014. “The public health course has been really interesting. I am excited at the diverse range of opportunities that are available to me with this qualification. This degree also gave me the opportunity to study overseas, which was one of the best experiences of my life.” How to have a career in health without the blood and guts.
For more information, visit www.canberra.edu.au/faculties/health/courses/public-health

Bachelor of Industrial Design at UC
Career Choice: Posted 13-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
A Bachelor of Industrial Design gives you the skills and industry experience to be successful in the design and creation of a wide range of products including mobile phones, furniture, kitchen appliances, tablet devices, and cars using the latest cutting-edge technology. Sam Tomkin was awarded the Design Institute of Australia's (DIA) NSW/ACT Graduate of the Year award (GOYTA) for Industrial Design. "UC has such a strong reputation in the quality of the course, in both content and teaching. The calibre and diversity of the lecturers and staff provide a broad and well-rounded perspective on the many facets of design. Considering the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the design industry this is such great advantage to have within the workplace."
To see Sam’s work visit his website

For more information, visit tomkinsdesign.com

Resumes to me please
General: Posted 13-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
It would be a very good idea for you to give me a copy of your resume for 2 reasons - 1) I may pick up any errors or ways you could improve it 2) it will help the panel for applications and scholarships especially if you do activities outside of school eg sport, cultural,community. Print it and I will put it in your file. Thank you.

UAC: Posted 13-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Please see me if you did not receive this in the mail.

Bring UAC book to talk in AV Room Thursday
Universities: Posted 13-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
I would like to go through the UAC book to show you the pages you NEED to be aware of so bring it with you if you have questions about the process of applying to both uni in general and with specific early entry schools - both direct and through UAC. Bring post-it notes or fold down cornersin your UAC book!

USydney scholarships 2015
Scholarships: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Booklet has arrived.

Automotive apprenticeships
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Go to: Apply Now on the website for details.
For more information, visit www.vantageautomotive.com

Le Cordon Blue open day and $30,000 scholarship
Scholarships: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
See details online
For more information, visit www.lecordonbleu.com.au

Tertiary Open Day in Canberra 30 AUgust
Open Days: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
For ANU, UC, ADFA, ACU etc.
For more information, visit www.tertiaryopenday.com

Wollongong Uni Open Day 16 AUgust
Open Days: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
10-4 pm on Saturday. Sign up and download the app.
For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au/openday/index.html

Actors College in Sydney
Private Colleges: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
See dates for auditions and course details online.
For more information, visit www.actt.edu.au

National Art School Open Day 30 AUg
Open Days: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
See the website for details.
For more information, visit www.openday.nas.edu.au

Engineering at UNSW 2015 faculty books
Career Choice: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
These have arrived.

UNSW Open Day 6 Sept flyers and programs
Open Days: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Please collect one from me. Download the app too.
For more information, visit www.openday.unsw.edu.au

Get 10 bonus points from UTS!
Universities: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
See me for details and to get a card with the specific details of who is eligible for what...

All courses in art & design - uni, college, TAFE
Career Choice: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Seet the Art & Design Education Resource Guide 2014 in the Careers Room for details of all courses Australia wide. What to study and where you can do it.

Gap year - YHA fact sheet on travel & working hol
Gap year: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Information on visas, accommodation, travel etc.

U Sydney Open Dayd 30th August
Open Days: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Program of events and activities has arrived. YOu can also download the Open Day planner app. If you are thinking of teh E12 early entry program, it is advisable to attend if you have not already visited USydney.
For more information, visit sydney.edu.au/openday/planner

UTS Open Day 30 th AUgust
Open Days: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Registrations are open. Win $2000 worth of prizes. See the program online
For more information, visit www.uts.edu.au/future-students/open-day

Away on Tuesday 12th???
General: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Please collect two books given to all Year 12 in Period 6 from Mrs Barrett.

Diploma in Football - true
Career Choice: Posted 12-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
FC11 is pleased to announce their new partnership with Football Federation Victoria. The partnership sees FC 11 – The Diploma of Football become an official education partner of FFV and also the official education partner of National Premier Leagues Victoria. The nationally accredited Diploma of Football is a full-time applied based curriculum model currently conducted in Melbourne at Melbourne University (Melbourne campus) where students train and study at the same time. It is suitable for individuals that have completed high school and are either looking to become a professional or semi professional player, sports coach, sports trainer, sports administrator or looking to work in sports management, sports tourism, facility management and more. A typical day in the course would see two hours dedicated to physical development (recovery sessions, football sessions, strength and conditioning, wellness management, screening) and four hours spent in a class room setting (inclusive of both theoretical and practical learning). FC 11 Director, Mr Katsaris, emphasised that The Diploma of Football is a nationally accredited qualification, which is recognised under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). It also includes a number of other football specific qualifications provided by FFV such as the senior coaching certificate as well as Skill and Game Training certificate courses that will be delivered to students over the course of the year. The FC 11 Diploma of Football is currently delivered in Melbourne and Sydney. Enrolments for 2015 are now open. All interested parties should access the FC 11 website and lodge their application online.For people that would like more information about The Diploma of Football please visit the website , email info@fc11.com.au or call 1300 412 990.

For more information, visit www.fc11.com.au

Year Meeting on Tuesday 12th August
General: Posted 10-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
See you on Tuesday at the Year meeting to give out UAC books, a Year 12 Careers book and explain what you need to know and do to apply to university /and/or get a job after the HSC.

Newsletter full of information for Year 12
General: Posted 10-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
University Private College Apprenticeships Scholarships - open and read please
MCC CAREERS newsletter.docx

Year Meeting Tuesday- UAC, early entry & careers
HSC: Posted 8-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
There will be a Year meeting on Tuesday where you will receive your UAC book, information and advice on early entry schemes and general careers advice. Morning notices will give you details. Have a good weekend. Don't apply to UAC until after Tuesday please.

UAC PIN in mail
UAC: Posted 8-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Has your UAC PIN arrived? If so, keep it safe and make copies. If not, see me on Tuesday.

UAC 2015 books to be given on on Tuesday
UAC: Posted 5-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
All Year 12 will receive a copy next Tuesday 12th August with instructions.

UOW First Year Accommodation Guarantee
Accommodation: Posted 5-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
From 2014, UOW is able to guarantee accommodation for students studying at the Wollongong campus. With 360 new places now available in the student residences, there are a total of 1900 places in UOW managed accommodation. At the beginning of 2013, the new development at Kooloobong Village opened with 360 new beds in four bedroom, self-catered units and single studios. Located on campus, Kooloobong Village offers state of the art facilities, a games room, meeting rooms, outdoor landscaped BBQ areas and a diverse student community. How do Students apply for Accommodation Guarantee? Once UAC offers have been released, those offered a place at UOW will receive confirmation of their accommodation offer and information on how to accept it. Students must accept the offer of accommodation within 72 hours of receiving it, otherwise the accommodation offer will lapse. To be considered for guaranteed accommodation, students must apply for accommodation by the closing date of 31 October 2014 on the online UOW Accommodation Portal. If students apply for accommodation after this date we do not guarantee accommodation, however applications received after this date will be considered in the order that they are received.

For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au/about/accommodation/index.html

University Scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 5-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
This combines several universities' offerings.
For more information, visit www.australianuniversities.com.au/scholarships/

HSC Exam Workbooks
HSC: Posted 5-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
The Board of Studies HSC Exam Workbooks provide students with real samples of top students’ exam responses, complete with markers’ comments. HSC Exam Workbooks are available for English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Studies of Religion, English Extension 1 and PDHPE.

For more information, visit www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/manuals/hsc-exam-workbooks.html

Study Assist - financing study at uni
Universities: Posted 5-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Study Assist is an Australian Government program that assists tertiary students with financing their education.

For more information, visit studyassist.gov.au/sites/StudyAssist/

Basair Aviation College Sydney Seminars
Career Choice: Posted 5-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Thu 28th August, Tue 16th September, Thu 23rd October, Thu 27th November, Wed 17th December, 7.00pm – 8.30pm, Bankstown Airport. Basair Aviation College is the largest flying school in Australia. They are running several Career Information Seminars at Bankstown in the coming months.

For more information, visit www.basair.com.au/index.php/news-and-events/information-seminars?id=94

Rural Pharmacy: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islan
Scholarships: Posted 5-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders who are planning on enrolling in a pharmacy degree are invited to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship offers students $15,000 per year for the duration of their study.

For more information, visit 5cpa.com.au/programs/aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander-initiatives/aboriginal-torres-stra

Nursing and Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarshi
Scholarships: Posted 5-8-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Nursing and Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarship and Support Scheme. Applications close Monday 15th September
Available to students who intend to enroll in an accredited/ approved undergraduate allied health course in 2015.
Successful applicants will receive up to $5,000 per year for full time students ($2,500 for part time) as a contribution towards the cost of study to a maximum value of $30,000.

For more information, visit www.acn.edu.au/nahsss_ug

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