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Sydney Conservatorium of Music Open Day
Open Days: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
29 August. Macquarie street. Advice on entry, master classes and performances. Contact: 1800 793 864

For more information, visit music.sydney.edu.au/study/open-day/

B Clinical Science
Universities: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
This is a fast tracked program that can be completed in 2 years and includes preparation for GAMSAT.
For more information, visit www.courses.mq.edu.au/BClinSc

Pathways to Macquarie University
Universities: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
These include the Next Step program, early round offers, SRS, Bonus POints and G&T entry program.
For more information, visit ww.macquarie.edu.au

National Art School Open Day 29th August
Open Days: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
I have invitations that arrived in the mail if you want to check it out.
For more information, visit SeeInspiration.nas.edu.au

EARLY ENTRY SCHEMES - please consider applying
Early Entry schemes: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
If your Trial HSC marks are disappointing, learn from this and strive to do everything you can to improve your results. The school recommendation looks at the Trial report and other factors before sending off evaluations so you are encouraged to apply if you want to go to university.

Teaching at SCU
Universities: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
SCU sent this information d on teaching courses and the Band 5 requirements: Southern Cross University has an exciting announcement for students interested in studying teacher education at university in 2016. Entry into our teaching degrees will be based on an indicative ATAR 70 or OP 13 with no additional prerequisite entry requirements. Our education degrees are combined with a Bachelor of Arts to ensure a comprehensive foundation for our Education students in relevant discipline areas like Mathematics, English and Science. We have also created pathway courses for students who may not yet have reached the academic level required to gain entry directly into a teaching degree. For students who are academically capable but don't quite reach the ATAR, we are offering the Bachelor of Educational Studies which has an indicative ATAR 60 or OP 15. Students who successfully complete the first 8 units of this degree, equivalent to one year of full-time study, can transfer into an SCU Education degree with full credit.Students who need additional assistance to build their academic skills can apply for our fee-free Preparing for Success Program. After successfully completing this course in the first teaching session of 2016 they can apply to enter an education degree of their choice in second session.Students can choose from our innovative range of teaching degrees: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood), Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary), Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Secondary), Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Technology/Bachelor of Education (Secondary). Or our pathway courses: Bachelor of Educational Studies OR Preparing for Success
For more information, visit www.scu.edu.au

Speech Pathology Australia
Career Choice: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
This website provides information about a career in Speech Pathology as well as a list of University courses that will get you into the field. A multimedia presentation also provides more information about career opportunities.

For more information, visit www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au/education-and-careers/career-opportunities

Occupational Therapy Australia
Career Choice: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
This website offers a list of universities around Australia that offer entry level courses into Occupational Therapy.

For more information, visit www.otaus.com.au/work-or-study/university-programs

NSW Mounted Police Open Day
Career Choice: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Sat 12th September – Sun 13th September 10.00am – 2.00 pm, 7 Baptist Street, Sydney. View the stables, see displays from other Police units, and see the horses in action.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/600761540058964/

The Australian Institute of Architects: Archi Care
Career Choice: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Fri 11th September, 10.00am – 4.00pm, 3 Manning St, Potts Point. Hear representatives from the University of Newcastle, The University of NSW, the University of Sydney, UTS and TAFE, speak about course options. Learn about studying architecture, how to prepare a portfolio, flexible pathways to studying architecture, research, and opportunities available.

For more information, visit www.eventbrite.com.au/e/archicareersday-tickets-17914145692

ACPE -Open Day
Open Days: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Sat 5th September, 10.00am – 2.00pm, 8 Figtree Drive, Sydney. Learn about the qualifications available at ACPE and what’s required to succeed in the industry.

For more information, visit www.acpe.edu.au

CATC Design School: Day in the Life of a Designer
Career Choice: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
CATC Design School: Day in the Life of a Designer Workshop. Sat 26th September, 9.30am – 4.00pm, 46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo. An interactive and hands-on design discovery workshop where students can get an idea of a career in either Communication, Graphic Design, Photography, Branded Fashion, Interaction Design, Motion Design, 3D Design and Animation.

For more information, visit www.catc.edu.au/about-us/upcoming-events/sydney/life-of-designer-26th-september-2015

Glencore Mining Apprenticeship Cobar
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Glencore’s copper mine in Cobar, is currently seeking apprenticeship applications for its 2016 intake. Apprenticeships are available in the disciplines of Electrical, Fitting & Machining, Metal Fabrication & Welding, and Heavy Vehicle Diesel Fitter. Glencore are looking for applicants who have positive school reports and references, a strong work ethic, a mature attitude, and solid communication skills.

For more information, visit www.entrylevelminingjob.com.au/jobs-3/view/apprenticeships-2016/

Arts Degree Majors
Career Choice: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Career FAQs: 10 Arts Degree Majors you might not have considered

For more information, visit www.careerfaqs.com.au/news/news-and-views/10-majors-you-might-not-have-considered-for-your-ar

The Good Universities Guide 2016
Universities: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
This has finally arrived. Please see me to look at it. The Good Universities Guide allows prospective university students to compare undergraduate study options using criteria such as entry requirements, student experience, and graduate outcomes including salaries and career prospects.

UTS: Facebook Live Q & A - HSC revision
HSC: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
HSC Live Q & A: Thu 8th October, 6.00pm – 8.00pm Advanced English Live Q & A: Thu 8th October, 6.00pm – 8.00pm Economics Live Q & A: Wed 14th October, 6.00pm – 8.00pm Mathematics Live Q & A: Mon 19th October, 6.00pm – 8.00pm Chemistry Live Q & A: Wed 21st October, 6.00pm – 8.00pm Physics Live Q & A: Fri 23rd October, 6.00pm – 8.00pm ATAR Live Q & A: Thu 17th December, 9.00am – 5.00pm. Speak to HSC markers and teachers a few days before your HSC exam.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/UTSFutureStudents/events

UNSW Elite Athletes and Performers Program
Universities: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Applications for 2016 close Mon 30th November. The Elite Athletes and Performers (EAP) Program supports students with a flexible entry process that recognises both academic and elite achievements by awarding bonus points. UNSW also offers flexible study arrangements and support for elite athletes and performers who wish to continue their elite commitments while studying at UNSW.

For more information, visit www.unsw.edu.au/domestic-undergraduate/elite-athletes-and-performers-program

Universities: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
HSC Plus is designed to reward strong performances in HSC subjects relevant to UNSW undergraduate degrees. Domestic students who complete the HSC and perform well in subjects that are relevant to their preferred UNSW degree may be awarded a maximum of 5 bonus points.

For more information, visit www.unsw.edu.au/domestic-undergraduate/hsc-plus

The University of Sydney: Sydney Scholars Awards
Scholarships: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Applications open in September for study in 2016. Submission should be made to UAC by Fri 30th October. The Sydney Scholars Awards offer Year 12 students commencing studies in 2016 the opportunity to apply for scholarships ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 in value, for up to 5 years of study. As part of the selection criteria, applicants are required to achieve an ATAR of 95 and above, or 90 and above if they are applying to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

For more information, visit sydney.edu.au/scholarships/prospective/sydney_scholars_program.shtml

Open Day at the University of Western Sydney
Open Days: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Parramatta South campus, Sunday 30 August, 10am to 2pm. UWS sent this: You are a success story in the making and we believe your future success starts here with us at UWS. If you have the drive and determination to succeed, we offer a world of unlimited potential no matter who you are or where you are from.At Open Day you'll have the chance to: Ask lots of questions. Attend a course information presentation - there's more than 100 to choose from. Talk to your future lecturers, one-on-one.
Find out why UWS is ranked in the top two per cent of universities worldwide and how we are uniquely placed to help you tap into a global mindset. Register now to receive priority check-in and an exclusive event bag when you park at Rosehill Racecourse!
For more information, visit www.uws.edu.au/open-day-2015

Rural Entry Medicine at UNSW
Career Choice: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
I have a powerpoint on this for any senior student who is interested. Please email me.

Preparing for UNSW Open Day
Open Days: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Open Day is just 3 weeks away! Make sure you are prepared by getting to plan your day via the Open Day website

For more information, visit www.openday.unsw.edu.au

Macquarie Uni: 2016 Undergraduate Scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 21-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Each year Macquarie University awards scholarships based on equity, financial need, academic excellence and sporting achievement.
To learn more about these scholarships, view their 2016 undergraduate scholarship booklet:

For more information, visit students.mq.edu.au/opportunities/scholarships_and_prizes.jsp

You need a GREAT resume to achieve your goal
General: Posted 17-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Whether it is for a job, a scholarship, college or early entry application your resume can work FOR you or AGAINST you. Come to a 15 minute talk and presentation on what to include and how to make it look at 1.00pm in the AV Room on Wednesday. See you there. Bring your resume with you if you can. Handouts and advice available.

Flight Centre Travel Academy Information Session
Career Choice: Posted 15-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Thu 27th August, 2.00pm, Level 13, 33 Berry Street, North Sydney
Flight Centre Travel Academy allows students to participate in real-world training in a blended online and offline mode.

For more information, visit https://fctravelacademy.com/about-the-academy/information-sessions/

Brick Laying Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 15-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
McDonald Jones Homes currently have two Brick Laying apprenticeships available. Apprentices will be required on sites around Western Sydney and South Western Sydney. It is advantageous if applicants have a current driver’s license and their own transport, however this is not a necessity. Contact: Gary Rudnick from HIA on 02 9978 3333

For more information, visit mcdonaldjoneshomes.com.au/about/careers

JB Fairfax Award for Rural Journalism
Scholarships: Posted 15-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Applications close Wed 30th September. Prospective university students looking to enroll in a degree relevant to rural affairs and who possess a passion for rural journalism are encouraged to apply. The award includes a scholarship of $10,000 and practical work experience with the winning article to be published in a major rural publication.

For more information, visit www.rasnsw.com.au/JB-Fairfax-Award-for-Rural-Journalism.htm

University Exchange Programs
Universities: Posted 15-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Most universities offer exchange programs, which involve already enrolled students studying for a half or whole year at a partner institution of their own university. Study abroad programs are slightly different, and do not involve studying at a partner institution; this means students sometimes need to contribute extra funds towards their tuition fees. As an alternative to exchange, some universities also offer short study tours, or the option to study at an international campus of their own. Most universities offer various forms of financial assistance to students going on exchange. Below are some links to the international study options offered by a number of universities. Macquarie University: http://students.mq.edu.au/opportunities/student_exchange/ The University of Sydney: http://sydney.edu.au/study/overseas-exchange.html UNSW: https://student.unsw.edu.au/exchange CSU: http://www.csu.edu.au/csuglobal/student-exchange ANU: http://www.anu.edu.au/study/study-options/exchange-at-anu

UWS Get Ready for Study and Work
Universities: Posted 15-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
UWS Get Ready for Study and Work: Student Workbooks and Parents Guide. Booklets which provide information, contacts and activities to help students make a successful transition from school into tertiary study, work or post school activities. The website has a number of booklets with individualized versions available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, as well as parents.

For more information, visit pubsites.uws.edu.au/ndco/get-ready%20NDCO/index.htm

UNSW High School Scholarships Now Open
Scholarships: Posted 15-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Scholarships for high school students are now open and close Wed 30th September, to access scholarships use the following search tool.

For more information, visit https://scholarships.online.unsw.edu.au/scholarship/sc_search.login

University of Wollongong First Year Accommodation
Accommodation: Posted 15-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
The University of Wollongong offers first year students from outside the Wollongong region a guaranteed place at one of their university residences. UOW Living has a range of living options—catered, self-catered, single rooms, twin share, units and studios.

For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au/accommodation/index.html

UTS Engineering Bonus Points Questionnaire
Universities: Posted 15-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Questionnaire closes Fri 11th December. Students applying to a UTS engineering degree could be eligible for up to 5 bonus points by completing the UTS Engineering Year 12 Bonus Points Questionnaire. Early round offers will also be made on the basis of this questionnaire.

For more information, visit www.uts.edu.au/future-students/engineering/essential-information/year-12-bonus-scheme-questio

JMC Scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP TODAY What have you got to lose?To ensure passionate prospective students have every opportunity to enhance their technical ability and pursue their talent to the highest possible level, JMC Academy offers up to 8 Academic Undergraduate Scholarships in each campus, covering one year of tuition fees for any of JMC Academy's eight bachelor degrees. To make sure you meet all the requirements before you apply,download our Scholarship Brochure.
For more information, visit www.jmc.edu.au

William Angliss Institute Sydney Open Day
Open Days: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
WAI: Our Open Day is now one month away! This is a great opportunity for students to come and experience our campus.Some of the activities include:• Molecular gastronomy demonstration by Chef Tim Gatt. Tim comes with experience from the world’s number 1 restaurant NOMA, Copenhagen• Cookery trial-a-trade with Paul Breheny from TV’s ‘The Hook and the Cook’• Learn the art of espresso making at our coffee trial-a-trade with Urban Lists’ Barista of the year, Lou Hunt• Patisserie trial-a-trade with executive pastry chef at Nicks Restaurants Darling Harbour, Stephen Peel• Find out more about new programs being launched and scholarships available• And don’t miss out the chance to speak to our expert trainers and current students on the day
For more information, visit www.angliss.edu.au/sydopenday

Teaching courses at uni - message from BOSTES
Career Choice: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
The Minister for Education recently announced that NSW school leavers entering teaching degrees in 2016 will need to achieve three Band 5 HSC results including in English. The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) has worked closely with vice-chancellors and other staff from all NSW teacher education providers to implement strengthened academic requirements for admission into teaching degrees. Universities have been provided with a number of options for addressing these strengthened entry requirements including strengthened discipline underpinning the early stages of a program as well as a range of pathways into teaching for school leavers who do not achieve the required three Band 5 results including in English.

I write to ask that you advise your careers advisors and relevant members of staff that the simple message to convey to students interested in teaching is that from 2016 there is an expectation that they have achieved at least three Band 5 results including in English in the HSC, but that there are a range of other options and pathways into teaching that are assessed by the BOSTES as being comparable to this standard. Further information on this can be found at the BOSTES website.
For more information, visit www.nswteachers.nsw.edu.au/future-returning-teachers/become-a-teacher/raising-university-entr

Educational Access Schemes (EAS)
Universities: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Most of UAC’s participating institutions have Educational Access Schemes (EAS) to help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to tertiary study. To be eligible for EAS consideration your educational performance must have been seriously affected, normally for a period of at least six months during Year 11 and/or 12 or equivalent, due to circumstances beyond your control and choosing. You can read about the seven broad categories of long-term educational disadvantage in the EAS FAQ or by reading the 'Types of disadvantage' table in the 2015–16 EAS booklet. See Mrs Sparke for a booklet and more information.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au/eas/

Equity Scholarships through UAC
Scholarships: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Equity Scholarships assist financially disadvantaged students with the costs associated with higher education. Equity Scholarships through UAC comprise: Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships funded by the Australian Government. Institution Equity Scholarships (IES) funded by individual universities. Some IES are funded by donations or sponsorship.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au/equity/

Video: How to apply to UAC.
UAC: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
If in doubt, start here.
For more information, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo9F83czs4w

The value of double degrees
Universities: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Year 12 students are encouraged to further increase the value of their university study by undertaking a double degree. Dean of the ANU College of Law, Professor Stephen Bottomley, said that despite the considerable value double degrees provided, many Year 12 students weren’t clear about what studying a double degree involved or the benefits of doing so. “Undertaking a double degree doesn’t mean you do twice the workload you would in a single degree. Instead, a double degree brings together courses from two degrees to create a single program of study, but only adds a year to the time you spend at university.” In addition to allowing students to build their knowledge across separate disciplines, it can broaden your employment options if there are not many jobs in one area of your double degree. It is very valuable to a student who cannot choose between two areas which interest them.

What is Actuarial Studies?
Career Choice: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Being an actuary has been rated the Number 1 career according to CareerCast.com. ANU has created a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providing an introduction to this profession, and can offer workshops to be run in conjunction with the MOOC. This workshop will introduce students to the concept of actuarial studies, what it takes to become an actuary and the career opportunities it can provide.
For more information, visit https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-actuarial-science-anux-anu-actuarialx

Special Admission Scheme for Engineering and Compu
Early Entry schemes: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
ANU Entry Schemes-Special Admission Scheme for Engineering and Computer Science Students. The ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science Special Admission Scheme allows students to apply directly to the college if they receive an ATAR over 80, but have not reached the required ATAR of their preferred CECS degree. This is a great pathway for students who just miss out on the ATAR cut-off. Special consideration will be given to students who can demonstrate excellent academic performance in disciplines relevant to the study of engineering and/or computer science, aptitude for those disciplines, leadership and community service, as well as a strong personal motivation, interest, and commitment to engineering and/or computing.
» Special Admission Scheme FAQ brochure.
For more information, visit www.anu.edu.au

JMC Academy Open Days
Open Days: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
JMC sent this: Come along to our Campus Open Day and learn how to build your future within the creative industries..Saturday 29th August 2015. Register Your Attendance online.Find out more about...Music Performance, Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Film and Television Production, Entertainment Management, Game Design, 3D Animation & Digital Design*

Come along to our Campus Open Day and learn how to build your future within the creative industries.
Saturday 29th August 2015
Register Your Attendance Here
Find out more about...
Music Performance, Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Film and Television Production, Entertainment Management, Game Design, 3D Animation & Digital Design*

at the JMC Academy Open Day!
For more information, visit www.jmc.edu.au

It's nearly here! Only one more sleep until UOW Op
Open Days: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
UOW sent this: It's nearly here! Only one more sleep until UOW Open Day!It's guaranteed to be one of the biggest days on the university's calendar and one that can set you on the path to greatness. If you haven't already, you can find the best way to campus or plan your day around all the info sessions and tours. Be sure to tag your Open Day pic with #ThisIsUOW for a chance to WIN loads of prizes.

UOW Future Students team
For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au

Resumes needed
General: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Thank you to students who have given me or emailed me a copy of their resume for my files. This will help the panel reviewing and commenting on scholarship, college and early entry applications. Help on writing resumes can be found in the green Year 12 Careers Booklet given out at the end of last term. A poor or poorly presented resume can cost you big time!!! Please take time to do it right and present yourself in the best possible light as it is your first contact with potential employers etc. Remember to use your My Future Finder report to help you with your resume too - especially with your personal strengths!

GAP YEAR JOB for 2016
Job vacancies: Posted 14-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
There are two positions for students looking for a gap year job at Bucking Bull in Centrepoint. You need to take your resume in to the Bucking Bull and ask to see Luke.

Q&A: uni applications & early entry on Friday 14th
Universities: Posted 13-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
AV ROom 12.50-1.10. Get books, applications, HSC numbers etc.

Macquarie University Course guide for 2015
Universities: Posted 13-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
A copy has arrived. Please see me if you wish to apply for Macquarie's early entry and GLP.

UNE Scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 13-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
See me to get a copy of the brochure with the information on how to apply.

Want the job (or scholarshi? Fix your social media
General: Posted 13-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Want the job? Fix your social media.Get the job – 7 July 2015

For more information, visit www.seek.com.au/career-advice/want-the-job-fix-your-social-media#sthash.ifhNHUE1.dpuf

QTAC applications - see me for QTAC book
UAC: Posted 12-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
These can be borrowed from me if you want to apply to QLD uni or TAFE. You need to first set up an account before you apply.
For more information, visit www.qtac.edu.au

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