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Schools Recommendation Scheme at Newcastle Uni
Early Entry schemes: Posted 16-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Applications are now open for our Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS). There are a range of degree programs that are eligible for the SRS. When reviewing the applicants for the scheme we will take into account Year 11 studies and the school ratings, particularly relating to the subjects most relevant to the student's first degree preference.
For more information, visit www.newcastle.edu.au/

Newcastle Uni Open Day
Open Days: Posted 16-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Going to uni is a big decision, and Open Days are an ideal opportunity to assist students explore their study options after high school. Students and parents can speak with staff and current students to have all their questions answered, tour the facilities, attend a mini-lecture and get a taste of uni life. Newcastle Open Day: Saturday 20 August, 10am – 4pm Register to attend and go into the draw to win a $200 Westfield voucher
For more information, visit www.newcastle.edu.au/future-students/2016-open-day?location=Newcastle

Advice on your preferences
UAC: Posted 16-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Ordering preferences: 1st & 2nd Desired courses ie Courses you want to study; 3rd - 5th Back-up courses Less competitive courses that you want to study; 6th & 7th Pathway courses Courses that will help you upgrade into a course you really want; 8th-9th "foot in the door" courses with low ATARs to enable you get into university.…then rearrange them if necessary according to major offer round date after you get your ATAR.

Like McCarthy Careers on Facebook!
Career Choice: Posted 16-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
As an extra way to know what is happening, like the page to keep up to date and get reminders about what is important.
For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/McCarthy-Catholic-College-Tamworth-Careers-1058102914247204/

Physiotherapy - career pathways to this career
Career Choice: Posted 16-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are thinking of physio, please look at this.
For more information, visit https://www.myhealthcareer.com.au/physiotherapy/physiotherapy-career-pathway-details-2016

Careers in sport
Career Choice: Posted 16-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If you love PDHPE, sport and fitness please look at the attachment for ideas and inspiration.
Careers in Sport.docx

Engineering apprenticeship
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 15-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Country Custom Fencing advertised in Saturday's Leader. See me for a copy if you cannot get hold of it.

Important Year 12 Meeting Tues P4 + UAC books
General: Posted 15-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Just a reminder about this important meeting for all Year 12 students on Tuesday 16th August. Classes resume for all students except those involved in Music.

****RESUMES FOR YEAR 12*****
General: Posted 9-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Thanks to those who have already sent or delivered their resumes to me to assist with evaluating early entry, scholarship and college applications. Please use these two sample resumes as a guide for what you produce. One comes from Macquarie University and the other is one I have developed using the Job Guide, Job Jump and My Future Finder. Obviously if you are job seeking, you will need to add a Career Objective and focus on different aspects.
Sample HSC resumes for university.pdf

ICMS Open Day Sunday 14 August at Manly
Open Days: Posted 8-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Courses in business, management, tourism, sport, property, marketing, international business etc etc. Register to win a Macbook Air.
For more information, visit www.icms.edu.au/open2016

Are you the child of a Vietnam veteran?
Scholarships: Posted 8-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If so, please see me about a scholarship you can apply for to assist you financially next year.

New College at UNSW - accommodation
Accommodation: Posted 8-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
College brochures have arrived and applications for 2017 are now open. Several ex MCC students have stayed here and one is still at the college.
For more information, visit www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au

St Albert’s College (Albies)
Accommodation: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please see the attached letter and information brochure for St Albert’s College (Albies), a co-residential Catholic College located at the University of New England in Armidale.

For more information, visit www.stalbertscollege.catholic.edu.au

ANU new alternative entry access schemes
Early Entry schemes: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please open the attached sheet for details.

Job: Engineering Apprenticeship
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Advertised in Saturday's Leader. See me for details if you did not get the paper.

Job: trainee pest technician full time job.
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Advertised in Saturday's Leader. Be willing to start now. See me for details.

Nine (9) pages of more Careers information!
General: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please open the attached document during a study break.
MCC Careers News.docx

****UAC PIN***** Make copies & DON'T LOSE IT!!
UAC: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
At the end of last week or in the coming week, all Year 12 will receive a letter from UAC with your UAC pin. Make copies, take a photo, write it on your calendar and in your diary. You will need it to apply to university in Week 5.

Macquarie Uni Open Day: Sat 20 August, 10am – 3pm
Open Days: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
From MQ: At Open Day you’ll get to:learn everything you need to know before starting uni with our Macquarie 101 lecture, explore our facilities including the simulation hub, media, creative and performing arts hub and science labs, speak with our experienced academics about specific courses and units that interest you, attend lectures on some of our most popular courses, find out how to apply to Macquarie, and learn more about our bonus points, scholarships and pathways. Saturday 20 August 2016, 10am – 3pm at North Ryde. Visit our Open Day website to see what's on, register for activities and plan ahead to make the most of your Open Day experience.
For more information, visit openday.mq.edu.au/

Stacks of scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Check out the website - during study breaks.
For more information, visit www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/scholarship/search#.V6MT1Lj5g2x

Open Days at over 20 Private Colleges in Sydney
Open Days: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please look at the attached file for a list of over 20 private colleges.

Le Cordon Bleu OPEN DAY
Open Days: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Le Cordon Bleu will hold its annual Open Day 1st of September between 2 - 5 pm. Chefs, lectures, Industry&students all on hand to provide information and demonstrations about culinary arts & Hospitality Management.. 250 Blaxland Rd RYDE 2112 Contact Terry: 0428546663 tpatriarca@cordonbleu.edu

Super Lab at UTS Open Day
Open Days: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Explore the Super Lab at UTS Open Day Check out the UTS Science state of the art Super Lab on Open Day (August 27). They will have regular tours throughout the day, allowing you to experience the high tech equipment and advanced facilities used by science students every day! For information on the Super Lab tours and other events and activities head to: http://www.uts.edu.au/about/faculty-science/events/uts-open-day-2016
For more information, visit www.uts.edu.au/about/faculty-science/events/uts-open-day-2016

Early Entry Year 12 (E12) at Sydney Uni
Early Entry schemes: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The University of Sydney: Alternative pathway; Early Entry Year 12 (E12) scheme now open The University of Sydney Early Offer Year 12 (E12) scheme, which includes a $5,000 scholarship and ATAR concessions, is now open for applications. Under the E12 scheme, schools can nominate up to 30 students who can now choose from 68 courses. Students of McCarthy are eligible to apply.
For more information, visit sydney.edu.au/e12

'Careers in Engineering'
Career Choice: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Video Conference Series Three sessions on 9th of August are: 9:30am - 10:20am - How Valuable is 3D Printing? http://www.dartconnections.org.au/DART-excursions/engineering?ItemID=3355982 10:30am - 11:20am - Engineering in the 21st Century http://www.dartconnections.org.au/DART-excursions/engineering-4?ItemID=3355984 11:30am - 12:20pm - Everyday Engineering http://www.dartconnections.org.au/DART-excursions/engineering-

Career Choice: Posted 7-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The Footnotes Student brings together course recommendations, 'day in the life' career pieces and course information to help shape the decisions of students after school. The tool helps to discover which industry a student might like via interviews from other students who have done it for industry experts.
For more information, visit www.thefootnotes.com.au/coursefinder

Plan your ANU Open Day - Saturday 27 August
Open Days: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
ANU sent this: We look forward to welcoming you and your students at ANU Open Day from 9am-4pm Saturday 27 August. We have fantastic presentations, tours and activities planned, where prospective students will be able to: Speak to our academics and staff about our programs, support services, accommodation, scholarships and research areas. Attend presentations from our Academic Colleges, Global Programs, Admissions. Take a tour of our outstanding facilities and accommodation options.Enjoy fun activities and food stalls at Union Court Entertainment Hub.
For more information, visit www.anu.edu.au

How do you choose the right uni or course?
Universities: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
What should you focus on? How do you weigh up all the different elements involved? Do you want to stay local, or move far away? Do you want a degree that gets you job ready, or do you need flexibility? Scarily, students and their families often choose to focus overwhelmingly on only some of the crucial aspects of choosing the right university and course post school, and it means that they often miss the other equally important issues.
For more information, visit thefootnotes.com.au/5-things-you-need-to-consider-when-picking-a-degree/

Careers in Maths
Career Choice: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
For career planning in Maths look at 'See where math is used'.

For more information, visit www.ams.org/programs/students/students/

Discover Engineering Newcastle
Career Choice: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
16 August . 5.30pm to 8.00pm 122 Parry St Newcastle. See civil, structural, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering. TAFE and Uni options provided.

For more information, visit https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/portal/event/discover-engineering-newcastle-2016

William Angliss Institute 2017 Course Guide
Private Colleges: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
William Angliss Institute 2017 Course Guide

For more information, visit https://www.angliss.edu.au/images/sydney/SydneyCourseGuide2017.pdf

William Angliss Institute Open Day 10 September
Private Colleges: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Hospitality courses and career info explained with hands on demos.

For more information, visit https://www.angliss.edu.au/sydopenday

Sydney Dance Company Resources for Students
General: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Great for research projects. Topics include biographies of dancers and directors.

For more information, visit https://www.sydneydancecompany.com/danced/for-students/resources/

University of Newcastle Year 12 Bonus Points
Universities: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Year 12s. Receive up to 4 bonus points for strong HSC subjects results. Additional 4 bonus points as you are from a regional area.

For more information, visit https://www.newcastle.edu.au/future-students/study-at-uon/support-and-services/entry-help-and-bonus-

Medicine at UQ
Universities: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
A great blog to simply explain the application process.

For more information, visit https://blog.health.uq.edu.au/blog/2016/04/how-study-medicine-uq

Endeavour College of Natural Health Open Day 8 Oct
Private Colleges: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Established in 1975, Endeavour College of Natural Health is now Australia's pre-eminent provider of education to the natural health sector. We are committed to the future and success of natural health in Australia, providing the highest standard of education, the most informed curriculum and constant expansion. The college offers five Bachelor of Health Science degrees, an honours program and a large schedule of short courses, both online and on campus. Students also complete many hours of practical experience at the on-campus Wellnation clinics, which are open to the general public.
For more information, visit www.endeavour.edu.au/?mc_cid=2b784f0e81&mc_eid=6a2badb2c8

Western Sydney University’s Open Day SUNDAY 28 AUG
Open Days: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
It’s your chance to have a stickybeak around the campus, and ask anything you want to know about courses and career paths. Register here. SUNDAY 28 AUGUST, 10AM-2PM. PARRAMATTA CAMPUS.
For more information, visit apps.westernsydney.edu.au/openday/

Early entry in QLD at Sunshine COast
Early Entry schemes: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Sunshine coast has an early entry program. Have to register so read more.

For more information, visit www.usc.edu.au/media/18512587/early-offer-guarantee_schoolform_may2016-pdf-fillable.pdf

USQ Open Days!
Open Days: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The countdown is on until USQ Open Days! Register and come along to USQ Toowoomba Open Day on 7 August and go in the draw to win a $1000 Woolworths or Coles Myer gift card*. There'll be Future Talks, a Career Explorer, opportunities to meet the lecturers and support staff and the chance to win great prizes.
For more information, visit www.usq.edu.au/study

Australian Catholic University - regional bonus po
Universities: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
MCC students will get 5 bonus points added to their ATAR automatically.
For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/study_at_acu/alternative_entry/accessacu#regschools

Early Entry Programme for Private Colleges
Open Days: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
All eligible Year 12 students are now able to secure a place in the course of their choice before exam results are announced, giving them some peace of mind and focus to study on their exams. The Early Entry program for February 2017 will close at 11.59pm, Thursday 29th September 2016. For more information and to see how students can apply, visit the Torrens or Think Education websites. http://www.think.edu.au/studying-at-think/early-entry-program?utm_campaign=Newsletter+-+Career+Advisors&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=32247497&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_s8vUGHZVFz3e5q--7DKQ705bGCome2nTw5cwXQ0vZgz15BIpBLQ6iABFviV7uYaK-FVeMpokbZOJubAGpbJ_Jul2xvZ6IJcyozkaCxcwHMdvFyB0&_hsmi=32247497

For more information, visit www.think.edu.au/studying-at-think/

My Skills Australia: Information Sheets
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
My Skills Australia’s Information Sheets help explain manufacturing career paths by highlighting the key skills, specializations and relevant qualifications for job outcomes. Designed for school-leavers, the information sheets showcase over 15 industry sectors related to manufacturing.

For more information, visit https://www.myskills.net.au/future.aspx

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)
Universities: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The test is used widely by tertiary institutions in Australia, to assist them with the selection of students across a broad range of academic programs. STAT provides applicants who don't have a recent or standard Year 12 qualification with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to cope with tertiary studies. STAT is used primarily by mature entry applicants, however a range of university courses also require STAT results as an additional prerequisite.

For more information, visit https://stat.acer.edu.au/

Job Outlook Career Quiz
Career Choice: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The Job Outlook Career Quiz takes students’ answers to a small range of questions and provides them with detailed career profiles for jobs in fields that might suit them. The career profiles include future job prospects, skills needed for that job, vacancies, training opportunities and any relevant reports or links.

For more information, visit joboutlook.gov.au/pages/careerquiz.aspx

Online courses in agriculture and agribusiness
Career Choice: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
RuralBiz Online offers accredited courses in agriculture and agribusiness. The courses are offered online and are well suited to students who wish to study while working.

For more information, visit www.ruralbiztraining.com.au/

Gap year: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
A website providing opportunities and advice for students interested in taking a gap year.

For more information, visit www.gapyear.com/

Five Tips for Tackling Open Days
Open Days: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Hobsons Course Finder: Five Tips for Tackling Open Days

For more information, visit www.hobsonscoursefinder.com.au/Latest-news/Getting-into-university/Five-tips-for-tackling-ope

Scholarship Search
Scholarships: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Over 3000 scholarships in Australia can be found by searching:

For more information, visit www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/scholarship/search

What kind of cover letters are there?
Job vacancies: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Myfuture: What kind of cover letters are there?

For more information, visit https://myfuture.edu.au/career-insight/what-kinds-of-cover-letters-are-there

CATC Design School Open Day
Open Days: Posted 31-7-16 Deadline - No Deadline
13th August 2016, 10am to 2pm, 46-52 Mountain St, Ultimo. Open day will include activities and exhibitions, as well as a chance to find out more about courses offered in graphic, design, interior design and photo imaging. For further information, contact 1300 661 111.

For more information, visit www.catc.edu.au/about-us/upcoming-events

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