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Health Careers Forum Wed 21st March
Career Choice: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Students who gave their names to me, should listen to the notices at the end of this week for details of this and when to collect a letter to your parents. You will be bussed from school to the hospital and back next Wed morning. More details to follow.

Macleay College course brochures
Private Colleges: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Multiple copies of course brochures have arrived. Some are in the Senior Study. Remember that no UAI is needed for these courses and you may use them to apply to uni later. With some courses, you can go straight into certain uni courses at the end of your advanced diploma from Macleay eg UTS, Newcastle, WOllongong & SCU. Youth allowance is available and so are bank loans. Read about their employment prospects eg they say 94% of journalism graduates gained positions in the industry & 93% of advertising graduates. Courses include: BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY, EVENT MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING, SPORTS MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING, PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING, BUSINESS (MANAGEMENT/MARKETING/ACCOUNTING), HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, TRAVEL AND TOURISM, JOURNALISM, ADVERTISING, REAL ESTATE (HSC Leavers), BOOK EDITING AND PUBLISHING.

For more information, visit www.macleay.edu.au

Resume writing workshops - Wed & Friday
School Matters: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
There are still some vacancies (4 for Wed) and Friday. You will all need resumes for jobs, college, scholarship, etc applications. Please bring a memory stick or CD to save it. Workshops start at 12.45 and you end up with good resume, rather than an average one. Find out what the latest trends are and what makes a successful resume. It can help get you an interview or it can make you miss the cut.

Careers in science, engineering and technology
Universities: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A good website showing what jobs you can get by studying in these areas. Try the 10 minute quiz: Get SET Search is a free, interactive tool to help you discover the range of science, engineering and technology (SET) careers available to university graduates.
For more information, visit www.science.mq.edu.au/

Macquarie Uni handbook 2007 & open day
Universities: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Details of all courses and subjects studied in them have arrived and so have the Faculty books for Law; Society, Culture, Media and Philosophy; Health and Human Sciences; Education; Business, Commerce, Economics and Finance; Science; Humanities; Computing, IT and Electronics. The uni open day is Sat 1st September from 10-4.
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au

Engineering @ Macquarie Uni Info evening
Universities: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Parent & student info evening on Engineering at Macquarie Uni and look at the options eg telecommunications, computing, photonics, software, wireless and electronics. If will be held on Tuesday 27th March at 6.30pm.See me for more details.

Short holiday courses at JuliusMedia
Private Colleges: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Courses in stage lighting, safety, video and sound mixing etc will be held in both April and July holidays. See me for dates and costs. Check their website for details of courses leading to careers in the events and entertainment industry.
For more information, visit www.juliusmedia.com

Traineeships & Apprenticeships for Year 12 2006
Job vacancies: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Tamworth Regional Council has advertised in The Leader for a mechanical or electrical apprenticeship. If you can't get the Leader, please contact me if you, or someone you know, are looking for an apprenticeship like this. There is also one going for aircraft avionics. Traineeships in the meat industry - livestock buyer and salesman. Other traineeships in Wee Waa and Tenterfield are being advertised as are jobs as architectural technicians, air force logistics officer (salary $52,400 pa), etc.

Thought for the week
School Matters: Posted 13-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
"Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small leaps" - David Lloyd George.

ACTT - Stage and Theatre courses.
Private Colleges: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Here are details for this year or keep it in mind for next year: Certificate III in Live Production/Advanced Diploma of Stage Management. Certificate III is offered F/T over 8 months and the Advanced Diploma of Stage Management is held F/T over 1 year. Courses commence 12th March, 2007. Certificate IV in Music Theatre Audition Dates: By Appointment. Take up one of the final places in this one year full-time course. Acting, singing and dancing are all taught by Sydney's best music theatre and acting tutors. Course Commences 12th March, 2007
For more information, visit Web: www.actt.edu.au

Resume preparation courses in the library
School Matters: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to know how to prepare a good resume, listen to details in home room and assembly this week and put your name on Mrs Barrett's list. It will be held at lunchtimes in the library and will be limited to the first 20 students who apply.

Marine Careers Forum 18 June 2007
Career Choice: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Open to students in Years 11-12 who are interested in a range of marine-based careers. To be held in Sydney, cost is $10 and you must apply through me not directly. Ph 0292983655 for more info or see the flyer I have.

APM courses and cadetship program
Private Colleges: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Courses available in:- Business- Marketing- Public Relations- Event Management- Advertising- Sport Management & Marketing- Entertainment & Music Management- Digital & Interactive Marketing. See me for details of their internship and cadet program. Also see the flyer comparing uni course costs and private college costs and earning capacities.

For more information, visit www.apm.edu.au

MedEntry - UMAT preparation course
Universities: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
See me for details about this course and the discount they offer.
For more information, visit www.MedEntry.com.au

Blue Mountains Hotel School - courses & scholarshi
Private Colleges: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
They offer diploma and degree courses with a New Bachelor of Business course with Uni of Queensland. I have brochures on their courses and the Career Focus Days - try before you buy. Find out whether studying hospitality, tourism management, commercial cookery if what you want to do. Find out about their scholarships. See me or the website.
For more information, visit www.hotelschool.com.au

Rotary Aviation Careers Expo May 27-29
Career Choice: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Any Year 10 or Year 11 students interested in this must see me for details and an application form.

Sydney Uni Open Day & uni tours
Universities: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Courses and Careers Day this year will be held Sat 25 August. If you and your family will be in Sydney and want a uni tour in any school holidays this year, I have a list of times and dates. See me or visit the web site.
For more information, visit www.usyd.edu.au/visitsydneyuni/

Billy Blue & William Blue Courses & Guest speaker
Private Colleges: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Remember the meeting in M1 Thursday 8th at lunchtime if you are interested in careers in design, hospitality or hotel management. Bring your lunch and see you there at 12.45.

Medicine Information Seminar
Universities: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Alpha Omega Education will be holding a Medicine Information Seminar for students in year 11 and year 12. This one day seminar will cover all you need to know about medicine as a career. Date: 31st of March 2007 Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Place: University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus Cost: Students $99 Parents & Teachers $79 Light refreshments will be provided. There will be a list of guest speakers from the medical profession including a careers adviser, a medical student, a junior doctor and a senior specialist; who will share their first hand experiences and professional insights about medicine. They will offer you practical advice and share personal recommendations to help you make an informed decision about choosing medicine as a career. You will get the opportunity to address them with questions or concerns you may have relating to medicine. Subject matter: * Which universities offer undergraduate medicine degrees and what are their selection criteria * What does it take to be a Medical student and what is university life like * What is it like being a day to day practising doctor and what are the challenges * What is UMAT and what does it have to do with studying medicine? All the questions you want to know before, during and after studying medicine will be addressed to help you decide: Is medicine for me? For more information including downloading the enrolment form log onto the website or call us (02) 9708 3666

For more information, visit www.alpha-omega.org.au

Current job vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 6-3-07 Deadline - No Deadline
See the list in the Careers Noticeboard at the front of the library for the 8 jobs available now.

UMAT - Needed for Medicine - AMEPP course
Universities: Posted 21-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Full course and distance learning options are available. See me for details.
For more information, visit www.amepp.com.au

Women in engineering scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 21-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Girls interested in this should visit QUT's website to check out the current $5000 scholarships and what you can do to be prepared if you want to apply later this year.
For more information, visit scholarships.qut.com

B Applied Science - Careers in Science
Universities: Posted 21-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Queensland Universityof Technology has a website which shows the possible career opportunities for students who choose to do a Bachelor of Applied Science at university. It also lists the areas you may choose to specialise in by offering majors in biochemistry biotechnology chemistry ecology environmental science forensic science geoscience microbiology mathematics and physics.
For more information, visit www.realscience.qut.com/

O week at uni, new courses and new jobs
School Matters: Posted 20-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Good luck to all Year 12 students from 2006 starting life at university, TAFE and other courses. Good luck also to all those in new jobs and those still looking.

What can you do in a GAP year after Year 12
School Matters: Posted 20-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Find out about a range of projects and organisations, what the advantages and disadvantages are, costs etc at a talk in the AV room at lunchtime on Wednesday 28th February. Mark the date and bring your lunch. Year 11 and Year 12 students are welcome.

A day in the life of a hospitality manager
Private Colleges: Posted 20-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Spend a day finding out if hospitality management and event management is what you want to do. Billy Blue hosts several of these days this year in April, July and October. See me for details and dates. Cost is $80.
For more information, visit www.billyblue.com.au

A day in the life of a designer
Private Colleges: Posted 20-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Spend a day working on a design brief, producing the artwork and taking it to production stage. Find out if design and multimedia design is what you want to do. Billy Blue hosts 5 of these days a year in June, July, August, September and November. See me for details and dates. Cost is $80.
For more information, visit www.billyblue.com.au

Billy Blue & William Blue Courses & Guest speaker
Private Colleges: Posted 20-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Details of Courses in communication design, multimedia design, hospitality management, event management adn commercial cookery - 1 year diplomas and 3 year degrees. Visit the website or come to hear a guest speaker on Thursday 8th March at lunchtime in M1. Write the date in your diary.
For more information, visit www.billyblue.com.au

Yr 12 2006 - Full time job in Tamworth pharmacy
Job vacancies: Posted 20-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A local pharmacy is after a full time employee who is NOT deferring university this year. So if you are looking for a full time permanent position, please contact me at school asap.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
Universities: Posted 13-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Course details available and a course profile. Cut off UAI for the course at Ourimbah campus of Newcastle University in 2007 was 64.45. Find out where you can work and what you do in the course.

UMAT preparation course - NIE
Universities: Posted 13-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
NIE offer training courses and practice questions to help you. The Sydney workshop will be on 23 June. Brochure available.
For more information, visit www.nie.edu.au

Regional Uni Roadshow talk - Feb 21 1.45pm
Universities: Posted 13-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
This is a reminder to any Year 12 student who is interested in going to university but has not put their name down on the list in the library to do so before Friday.

Raffles KvB College Courses
Private Colleges: Posted 13-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Raffles KvB Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication) course offer 3 new digital techology subject - Moving Image, Animation and Game Design. They offer courses to students interested in fashion, graphic design and digital media who don't want to go to university
For more information, visit www.kvb.edu.au

Jobs being advertised
Job vacancies: Posted 13-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Contact me or see Tuesday's Leader about these jobs: apprentice plumber (closes 15 Feb), bar staff (RSA & RCG), appprentice butcher, floor covering assistant may lead to apprenticeship, wait staff, nanny for 6 weeks, waitress, apprentice heavy vehicle mechanic, Supre in Armidale staff, motel reception and senior waitstaff, apprentice spray painter.

Current job vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 6-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
These jobs have been advertised recently: Angus & Robertson bookshop, apprenticeships in plumbing and electrical and boiler maker (Moree), casual waitress, child care traineeships (2), floor covering assistant, furniture sales person, junior welder, security guard, concrete labourer, civil construction (Moree), spare parts/storeperson, sales assistant (Telstra shop). Remember that it is often easier to get a job you really want if you are already working and have a good track record as an employee (even in a job you don't particularly like or see yourself doing for a looong time). Contact me if you cannot get hold of a recent NDL. Good luck

Beford College - business & child care courses
Private Colleges: Posted 6-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Bedford College in Glebe Sydney offer Certificate and Diploma courses in business & childcare. No UAI needed, get qualifications and enter the workforce with possible university pathways available.
For more information, visit www.bedford.edu.au

ACTT Drama workshops for HSC students
Private Colleges: Posted 6-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Actors College of Theatre and Television are holding full and half day workshops in acting, improv and play building. See me for the brochure
For more information, visit www.actt.edu.au

UAC - late round offers
Universities: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you receive a late round offer this week or next week, please email me with the details.

Traineeships in Sydney
Job vacancies: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Some traineeships are available in Childcare at Drummoyne, and Hospitality at Bondi. Both commence in February. For more info contact Daniela Ianni, Job Placement Coordinator, TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute, Phone: 02 9217 4485, Fax: 02 9217 4047

Aust College of Natural Therapy & CSU
Private Colleges: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Naturopathy is based on the holistic approach to health in which the physical, mental and the emotional aspects of the patient are given equal importance. A naturopath treats the patient as a whole and not just their symptoms. Naturopaths work on the principle that acute disease is simply a manifestation of the healing forces efforts to get the body back to normal. The treatments that are used are safe and effective and are also gentle to the body; these could include change in diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine iridology and/or counselling. Courses in Naturopathy are offered fulltime, by flexible delivery and via distance education at ACNT. There is also a degree pathway with Charles Sturt University, graduates of the ACNT Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy course may upgrade to a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) degree through our arrangement with Charles Sturt University. The next fixed programme commences in February 2007, however you may start your studies at any time by flexible delivery or distance education. For more info contact the Student Recruitment Team on (02) 9218 8888.
For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au

Interactive Design &Animation Courses at TAFE
TAFE: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
TAFE NSW Northern Sydney Institute has the right diploma course to get careers in the new media industry off the ground. The Diploma in Information Technology (Software Development) offered through Hornsby College includes interface design, development, testing systems and programming for interactive games. Career choices include web designer, computer animator, multimedia programmer and special effects designer. For more information on this new media course and other courses in new media including Digital Media, Design, Film and Television offered through TAFE NSW Northern Sydney Institute, visit the site or call 131 674.
For more information, visit www.tafestudy.info

UMAT courses in 2007 - Icarus College
Universities: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are looking at studying medicine or certain health courses, you may need to sit the UMAT test. Icarus are one of several organisations aimed at helping you prepare.
For more information, visit www.medical-entrance.com.au

TAFE Enrolments & Tamworth Community College
TAFE: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are intending to apply for courses, please contact the TAFE immediately. Tamworth TAFE's phone number is 67682200 and the College's number is 67664775. There are a lot of courses that will enhance your job prospects in a huge range of career areas.
For more information, visit www.tafensw.edu.au

Want to work on a cattle station in NT or QLD?
Job vacancies: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Jobs are available with the Australian Agricultural Company at some of their 26 stations eg jackeroo, jilleroo, cooks, gardeners etc. Free accomm & meals . Ph 07 33684424
For more information, visit www.aaco.com.au

Acccommodation in Newcastle
Accommodation: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If anyone knows of any accommodation vacancies (eg shared houses etc) in Newcastle, please let me know via email or phone at school on 67610800. There are several students who are after somewhere to live. Anyone who is off to Newcastle this year, please send me an email.

Jobs for Year 12 2006
Job vacancies: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Please contact me about any of these recently advertised jobs: cadet journalist, casual sales assistant (need RSA), apprentice electrical fitter, apprentice kitchen/cabinet maker, receptionist with RSA, fulltime childcare trainee, dental assistant, traineeships with with laminating company, casual on-call production workers with licence, office junior, traineeship with irrigation company (in design, sales or logistics). Please email or ring me at school on 67610800 ASAP.

Plans for 2007
Universities: Posted 22-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Hello everyone from the wilds of Tasmania. I am on holiday and have not seen the uni offers. If you have received an offer, please email me to let me know the details and whether you intend to accept the offer, defer or reject it. On past experience I will be contacted by employers in the first few weeks of February with jobs for students either full time or for students who are deferring. If you already have a job, please let me know. All the best.

Happy New Year - and my current contact details
Career Choice: Posted 2-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Happy New Year to everyone who subscribes to Careers Alert. I know that for many of the Year 12s, your plans for 2007 are falling into place. I know that for some of you, everything is still up in the air waiting to hear about uni offers, TAFE places and job applications. If you need to contact me in the next few weeks for information or advice or to let me know what you are doing, please email me at: sgbarrett@rocketmail.com or contact me at 0419607308 as I am currently unable to access my careers email address through school. If you have sent me an email in the last few days, can you please re-send it the alternative email address if I have not replied to you? There are plenty of courses and jobs out there with something for everyone. Best of luck.

Rural health scholarships for 2007 worth $10K pa
Scholarships: Posted 2-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are interested in applying for any health degree at selected universities in 2007, you might like to apply for the Rural Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarship scheme. Areas include: OT, podiatry,dietetics, physio, speech pathology, medical radiation sciences, audiology, aboriginal health worker, optometry, oesteopathy and some social work courses. Applictions close on Monday 29th January 2007 at 5pm. For details of which courses and how to apply go to the website, ring 1800460440 or email rahus@ruralhealth.org.au

For more information, visit www.sarrah.org.au

Changing preferences - the deadline
Universities: Posted 2-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
The deadline for changing preferences for the Main Round of offers is midnight on Thursday January 4th. Try not to leave it until the last moment. Your should have received a booklet called "You and Your UAI" which included information and advice about changing preferences.

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