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Gap Places still available in 2010
General: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This is with Lattitude Global Volunteering who say: We still have placements available for most countries in 2010. If you are wanting to depart at the beginning of 2010 please them submit applications ASAP as we need to organise visas, passports etc.Projects still available include:•assisting in hospitals and community centres in Japan •community work in Fiji •working in an outdoor camp or residential home in the UK •supporting disadvantaged communities in South Africa •teaching English in Vietnam or China •leading adventures in Canadian outdoor camps. For a full listing of projects available see website

For more information, visit www.lattitude.org.au

2011 gap year applicants
Career Choice: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Key Dates for students wishing to depart in 2011: Jan 2010 - Applications open, brochures delivered to schools March / April - Information Evenings held nationwide April / May - Priority Application closing date June / July - Interviews held nationwide
For more information, visit www.lattittude.org.au

Costs of CSP Courses in 2010 released
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Band 3 courses: $8859, Band 2: $7567, Band 1: $5310. Maths, Stats and Science: $4249. So a 3 yer B Arts will be $15,930 while a 4 year Accounting or Law degree will be $35,436. Contact me if you have questions.

Saturday's Leader - Jobs
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
There were heaps of apprenticeships and traineeships listed in the paper in a special section. See me if you missed this.

Mazda,Volvo,Subaru,Audi, Landrover,Jag,Volkswagen
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Vantage Automotive in Sydney invite all students interested in apprenticeships in the vehicle industry to apply for their programmes. They can lead to full time employment and start in Feb 2010. See me for the brochures from these companies or go to the website. Go to "Apply Now" area.
For more information, visit www.vantageautomotive. com

New B Arts at Griffith Uni
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Griffith has launched an animated website for school leavers that explains what's so new about our new Bachelor of Arts. Featuring video clips of current Arts students, the site also lists many jobs and careers that our BA leads to and explains about Griffith's work experience placements within social enterprise organisations. Ideal for those who aren't entirely sure of what to do at Uni, or needing to change preferences in December.

For more information, visit www.splendourinthearts.com.au

Industrial Technology and Design (Manual Arts) tea
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
While teaching Industrial Technology and Design, and/or Graphics, is not a career path that many secondary students know of, it's ideal for anyone who enjoys learning how to use and teach traditional wood, metal and plastics processes and new technologies such as lasers, microcontrollers, robots, 3-D printers, engineering equipment, and computer-aided design software. These areas of teaching are now within the Bachelor of Education - Secondary (Industrial Technology and Design, and Graphics) - QTAC code 223102. The need for new teachers of "manual arts" has never been greater and final year students are likely to find teaching placements before they graduate. For more information visit website or contact Ivan Chester and phone 07 3735 5840 or email i.chester@griffith.edu.au.

For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/education/industrial-technology-design

Bachelor of Exercise Science (Pre-physiotherapy)
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
High achieving students are encouraged to apply for the Bachelor of Exercise Science (Pre-physiotherapy) at Griffith Uni which offers a three-year undergraduate degree and guaranteed admission into the two year, graduate entry Doctor of Physiotherapy.The Doctor of Physiotherapy is now considered the appropriate level of qualification for entry into the popular profession. The program equips graduates for clinical careers in hospitals, private practice, community health, schools and the defence forces, or to pursue academic and research careers. Griffith’s existing Bachelor of Exercise Science also offers a pathway to the Doctor of Physiotherapy program if students can maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 during their undergraduate studies. Exercise science graduates can also enjoy careers in hospitals, sport and fitness, and rehabilitation settings. Find out more at the website.

For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/school/pes/

New single Law degree at Griffith & QTAC
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
From 2010, a stand-alone Law degree will be taught at the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses. The program can be completed in 4 years, however a 3 year accelerated option is also available.The new program, Bachelor of Laws, is on the QTAC website under code 227162 for Nathan campus, and 231862 for the Gold Coast campus. Students who have already submitted their preferences can add this new degree as part of their three free changes allowed before 5 January. This degree joins the combined Law degree programs which remain a hallmark and strength of the Griffith Law School, and explore the many ways law intersects with other disciplines. For more information, visit griffith.edu.au/law or contact our Undergraduate Program Convenor, Dr John Touchie by email j.touchie@griffith.edu.au or phone 07 3735 5124.

$3000 Bursary:Bachelor of Biomolecular Science Adv
Scholarships: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Students applying to commence the Bachelor of Biomolecular Science Advanced in 2010 are encouraged to apply for one of 6 $3000 bursaries available. Applications are open until 30 November 2009. Visit site for details. So what is biomolecular science? If you're into hard-core discovery and love being up with the latest developments, a career as a biomolecular research scientist is for you. These talented guys and girls are doing for science what Christopher Columbus did for geography or Versace did for fashion! With an emphasis on discovery and design, scientists work at the research cutting-edge, discovering how different molecules act on our cells essential knowledge in the search for new products and drug treatments. They may also work to outsmart disease by designing highly-specific drug molecules that fit our bodies like jigsaw pieces to destroy, say, a cancer cell without harming healthy cells.

For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/science/biomolecular-science

Campus Tours at Griffith Uni- Book One Today!
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Griffith sent this: Have your students ever wondered what it's like at a University campus?We run tours at both our Nathan and Gold Coast campuses, so your students can get a feel for our facilities first hand. Bringing your students on campus gives them the opportunity to sample a taste of university life, while we provide them with a tour, plus an overview of everything from our programs to student lifestyle. To book your campus visit please send your request through to promotions@griffith.edu.au or call 07 3735 1004. Once we receive your supplied details, one of our student recruitment team members will send through a confirmation letter outlining the details of the tour.

UQ Deferment Policy
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Deferment of a place at university is now available for a period of up to two years to students applying to UQ who are offered a Commonwealth Supported Place at the beginning of the year. To request deferment, students must respond to their QTAC offer using the deferment option by the offer response date specified. Deferment will be automatically approved and UQ will send written notification in September the following year advising students of the enrolment process. Students will not need to re-apply through QTAC to take up their deferred course unless they wish to apply for other QTAC preferences. Requests to postpone commencement until Semester 2 should be referred to the relevant Faculty office administering the program.Students currently on deferment will have received notification from UQ in September advising of the enrolment process to begin their studies in Semester 1, 2010. Alternately, they will be given the option to extend their deferment for a further year. Deferments are NOT available for students who are offered a place for second semester.

Personal Campus Tours at UQ
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
A guided, on-campus tour is a fantastic opportunity to get a closer look at university life, ask questions, talk to current students and see the facilities first-hand. The Student Recruitment Team organises campus tours for individuals, families and larger groups throughout the year. Tours generally take up to one hour with information packs provided for all visitors. To book a campus tour, please contact the UQ Student Recruitment Team. UQ Student Recruitment. Phone: (07) 3346 7752

For more information, visit www.uq.edu.au/guidance

UNSW Info Day
Universities: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
UNSW Info Day will be held on Tuesday 5 January 2010. This is the last chance for students to get advice from a range of university representatives before UAC preferences close on 6 January. Go along, enjoy the sausage sizzle and get a feel for UNSW campus life.

Job vacancies: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Jobseeker is Australia's leading website for community sector jobs. Each week they'lll update you with the latest community jobs in NSW. For full time and part time jobs. You would need to be prepared to move for most positions.
For more information, visit www.jobseeker.org.au/

Good luck from the Catholic Schools Office
HSC: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
See attached.

Final Senior First AId course for 2009
General: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The dates for the final course this year are after graduation and will be held at school from 3.30 on Wed Nov 18h and Thursday Nov 19th. If this will help your job prosects or is needed for the course you want to do, pay $85 to Mrs Forrest. You will get the workbook for the theory component when you pay.

More news coming soon
General: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I will go through my mail and send more information soon.

TAFE courses in 2010 - close 30 Oct
TAFE: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to apply for one of the popular courses, you need to do so before next Friday 30 Oct. See if this applies to the course you want to do or for a course you would do if you don not get into university.
For more information, visit https://www.tafensw.edu.au/applyenrol/applying/index.htm

Other jobs
Job vacancies: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
These include jobs at McDonald, Red Rooster, full time retail traineeship at Brumbys, Vehicle Sales traineeship, apprentice hairdresser and apprentice chef. See me or Careers Noticeboard for details.

Jobs - IT traineeship at Tamworth Reg Council
Job vacancies: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Great job. Applications close 29 Oct. Pay is $523.60 per week.

Jobs for gap year students - Newsagency
Job vacancies: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Shopping World newsagency have advertised in the NDL for 2 gap year sales assistant positions

Part time job - Year 10, 11 or 12
Job vacancies: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Super CHeap Auto is looking for casual staff. Apply online.
For more information, visit www.supercheapauto.com.au

Jobs for gap year students - Donut King
Job vacancies: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Donut King in Centrepoint are looking for someone and offering approx 25 hours pw. Job starts in January. You need to email your resume to: mich1@internode.on.net

Jobs - fulltime and GAP year
Job vacancies: Posted 20-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I have had several phone calls this week about job opportunities for Year 12 school leavers so I will collate it all and send out details at the end of this week.

Good luck Year 12
HSC: Posted 20-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Best wishes for the HSC. Heaps of information from universities and other places has recently arrived. Look out for another email later this week.

Rural Sustainability Scholarships at Uni of Sydney
Scholarships: Posted 27-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
These scholarships demonstrate the keen interest of rural and related industries in tertiary education and in the availability of well-trained graduates. The scholarships lend themselves to studying the Bachelor of Environmental Systems degree but can also include those wishing to enrol in Bachelor of Agricultural Science, and Bachelor of Agricultural and Bachelor of Resource Economics degrees. Whatever field they focus on, students will leave the university with a better understanding of how to manage land for the challenges ahead. The Faculty is keen to recognise not only academic achievement, but also a student’s potential and passion. 25 scholarships will be offered to school leavers for degrees in sustainable natural and agricultural systems to rural and regional New South Wales residents. Each scholarship is worth $10,000 over three years with a focus on sustainability. The scholarships will be available for study commencing in 2010 and I have attached an application form and FAQ sheet. For further enquiries on how to apply go to the website or general enquiries on 9351 2936.

For more information, visit www.agric.usyd.edu.au

Careers inquiries this week
General: Posted 27-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you need any information, please see Mrs Prior in the library as I will be away at a conference.

UAC, QTAC & VTAC deadline looms
Universities: Posted 27-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
30th Sept for ontime applications and no late fees.

Universities: Posted 27-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Addition of bonus points to your ATAR based on subjects taken in the HSC & Adjustment of your ranking based on submission of a questionnaire.

For more information, visit https://support.eng.uts.edu.au/entry/

TAFE in Tamworth, Armidale etc
TAFE: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Visit the New England Institute website for course and enrolment info or phone 1800 448 176
For more information, visit www.newengland.tafensw.edu.au

Paying for uni in 2010 - options
Universities: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The booklet "Information for Commonwealth supported students" can be downloaded by going to the website and clicking on Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP. This is for students studying in a Commonwealth supported place in 2010.
For more information, visit www.goingtouni.gov.au

UNSW Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry
Universities: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This is a new degree program in new drug design and development. UNSW will not be accepting any new enrolments into the Advanced Science Medical Chemistry plan in 2010. Students interested in combining chemistry with areas related to the medical sciences should enrol in the Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry.

For more information, visit www.science.unsw.edu.au/specialised-degrees/#Bachelor_of_Science_(Medicinal_Chemistry)

Physio at Brisbane's ACU
Universities: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Australian Catholic University's Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Brisbane.
For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/courses/undergraduate/physiotherapy/

IT and Bus Admin traineeships
Job vacancies: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Applications for Reserve Bank 2010 Business Administration and Information Technology Traineeships open in November. Enquiries 9551 9649 or toll free 1800 805 135.

For more information, visit rba.recruitasp.com.au/traineeships.jsp

Macquarie University uniTEST
Universities: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
For students who satisfy the eligibility of disadvantage as assessed under the Educational Access Scheme (EAS).
Registrations close 13 NOVEMBER. The test is on Monday 7 December.

For more information, visit www.reg.mq.edu.au/undergrad/admissions/prospectivestudents/alternatepathways/uniTest.htm

New uni Early Childhood course at USydney
Universities: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
University of Sydney Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education). New course for 2010.

For more information, visit www.edsw.usyd.edu.au/future_students/undergraduate/bed_early_childhood/index.shtml

Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Private Colleges: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Information Evening & Open Day Sydney Campus: Information Evening Thursday 1st October from 6pm - 8pm
Open Day on Saturday 14th November from 10am - 4pm

For more information, visit www.aie.edu.au

Office admin job for next year - Gappers can apply
Job vacancies: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I have just been told about a one year office administration traineeship and students taking a gap year can apply as well as those wanting fulltime permanent work. You need to be able to drive to Somerton every day but these opportunities are rare. Contact me by email if you are interested and I will forward the details to you.

Does this apply to you?
General: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I came across this saying recently " If you are coasting, the only way forward is downhill." Think about it and see if it applies to you. I encourage you to make the most of every day until the end of the HSC to give you more choices.

Time is running out to apply to uni
Universities: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The deadline for ontime applications to UAC, QTAC and VTAC is Wed 30th September. If you haven't applied yet, do it now and do not leave it until the last minute please.

Want an apprenticeship/traineeship in 2010?
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 21-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Last call for anyone to give me their name to attend a talk on Thursday this week. If you, or someone you know, is after an apprenticeship or traineeship this may help you.

$19K scholarship: fitness, beauty, massage & nutri
Scholarships: Posted 21-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Australasian College of Natural Therapies is offering $19,000 scholarships for current Yera 12 students. I have 2 application forms. CLosing date is 27 November. See the website for details of the interesting courses they offer as an alternative to TAFE and university and possibly providing a pathway to university if you wish.
For more information, visit www.acnt.edu.au

Accomm at UNSW Kensington Colleges
Accommodation: Posted 21-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Basser, Baxter adn Goldstein Colleges invite applications from students for 2010. Download the application form.
For more information, visit www.kensingtoncolleges.unsw.edu.au

Job vacancies 19/9/09
Job vacancies: Posted 20-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
See the Careers Noticeboard near the front of the library for jobs that include apprenticeships and traineeships suited to school leavers.

Uni of Woll Bachelor of Medical & Health Sciences
Universities: Posted 18-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The Bachelor of Medical & Health Science Advanced qualification provides a basis for a wide range of careers or further study in the medical and health sciences, including higher degree research and postgraduate studies in medicine and the allied health professions. The degree is a 4-year flexible, rigorous program designed specifically for high-achieving students, who wish to study the scientific basis of human structure, function and health.

Students in this course of study will be provided with unique opportunities for research development, a yearly textbook allowance and access to many other School resources. In addition to applying through UAC, all students must submit an application form to the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Applications can be obtained from our website. Entry into this highly competitive program will be based on the application to the faculty, an interview and ATAR.

For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au/health/healthsciences/UOW059062.html

TAFE Environmental Monitoring & Technology Course
TAFE: Posted 18-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This course provides knowledge and skills in both field and laboratory work to equip you to be employed as an environmental technical officer or sustainability officer.
You will be able to find work with environmental consultancies, all levels of government, the mining sector, manufacturing industries, construction companies, waste management industries, universities and research organisations. or more information on this or any of the 800 courses offered by WSI please contact 131 870, email blacktown.wsi@tafensw.edu.au, online at www.wsi.tafensw.edu.au or come in and see us at Main Street, Blacktown.

USydney offers 25 rural sustainability scholarship
Scholarships: Posted 18-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Australia's rural sector is at a turning point, prompting the University of Sydney to offer 25 scholarships for degrees in sustainable natural and agricultural systems to rural and regional New South Wales residents.Each scholarship will cover tuition fees for a degree with a focus on sustainability. Scholarships are worth $10,000 over three years.Professor Adams says the scholarships lend themselves to studying the Environmental Systems degree but can also include those wishing to enrol in Agricultural Science, and Agricultural and Resource Economics degrees."Contact: Jocelyn Prasad - 0450 202 078 or Jacob O'Shaughnessy - 02 9351 4312 or 0421 617 861

For more information, visit www.usyd.edu.au/news/84.html?newsstoryid=3853

Apprenticeships in the ACT - Move to Canberra??
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 18-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
ACT Department of Territory & Municipal Services (TaMS) APPRENTICESHIPS IN 2010 Applications Close Friday 16 OctoberACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services is offering the following apprenticeships for commencement in early 2010.• Horticulture - with Parks Coservation and Lands • Diesel Mechanics - with ACTION • Plumbing - with ACT Property Group. Contact Leonie Heffernan at: leonie.heffernan@act.gov.au

Mini Filmmaking Project for young women
Career Choice: Posted 18-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
FREE 5-day digital storytelling course for young women between 12 – 25 years from the Hawkesbury Valley area. Western Sydney filmmakers and artists will be teaching skills in creative filmmaking.This course teaches skills in:+ Script writing+ Film making and editing+ Digital photography and manipulation+ Sound recording+ Online film preparation At the end of this course, participants will have their film screened at a public launch at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, and will receive a DVD copy of their digital story Register now! Limited space, bookings essential.Dates 6 – 10 October 2009Tuesday to Saturday9.30am – 3.30pmWorkshop venue Hawkesbury Skills Inc, 23 Bosworth Street, Richmond NSW
[Opposite the Women’s Cottage] Transportation A community bus will offer a free pick up and drop off of participants. Please book in when registering. Contact for more info T 02 9897 5744 E maylei.hunt@ice.org.au

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