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Sale of textbooks to Year 11
General: Posted 2-11-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be held on Wed 18th November from 11 o'clock to 12.30in the hall. Please bring small change so if you are given a $50 note for a $15 book, you can deal with it and not lose the sale. Label the books with reasonable prices. You may like to pre-sell to students you know who are doing your subjects.

For Year 11: ADFA Education Award - win a laptop
General: Posted 1-11-09 Deadline - No Deadline
ADFA Education Award gets you a laptop computer and personalised certificate, along with a plaque in recognition of your school.
You need to submit an application prior to 31 December in the year you complete Year 11.

For more information, visit www.defencejobs.gov.au/education/adfa/educationawards.aspx

NSW Youth Week Design Competition.
General: Posted 29-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
$1000 cash prize, and have your work promote Youth Week in NSW through its posters and website. Entries close 16 November.
For more information, visit www.youthweek.nsw.gov.au

Senate report on youth allowance released
General: Posted 29-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This issue is still not resolved with various stories being released by various politicians. Watch this space to see what is finally passed and decided on in parliament.
For more information, visit www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/10/28/2726152.htm

Outward BOund programs
General: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Booklet arrived.
For more information, visit www.outwardbound.org.au

Gap Places still available in 2010
General: Posted 26-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This is with Lattitude Global Volunteering who say: We still have placements available for most countries in 2010. If you are wanting to depart at the beginning of 2010 please them submit applications ASAP as we need to organise visas, passports etc.Projects still available include:•assisting in hospitals and community centres in Japan •community work in Fiji •working in an outdoor camp or residential home in the UK •supporting disadvantaged communities in South Africa •teaching English in Vietnam or China •leading adventures in Canadian outdoor camps. For a full listing of projects available see website

For more information, visit www.lattitude.org.au

Final Senior First AId course for 2009
General: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The dates for the final course this year are after graduation and will be held at school from 3.30 on Wed Nov 18h and Thursday Nov 19th. If this will help your job prosects or is needed for the course you want to do, pay $85 to Mrs Forrest. You will get the workbook for the theory component when you pay.

More news coming soon
General: Posted 23-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I will go through my mail and send more information soon.

Careers inquiries this week
General: Posted 27-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you need any information, please see Mrs Prior in the library as I will be away at a conference.

Does this apply to you?
General: Posted 24-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I came across this saying recently " If you are coasting, the only way forward is downhill." Think about it and see if it applies to you. I encourage you to make the most of every day until the end of the HSC to give you more choices.

Senior First Aid certificates can be collected
General: Posted 11-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The 2 certificates and the wallet sized card are available from me at lunchtimes.

Senior First Aid course
General: Posted 10-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are interested in getting this to go on your resume and help you get jobs, see the attachment for details and cost. Email me if you are interested and can do it either after your graduation or this term. Which do you prefer?
Senior First Aid Course.doc

Your privacy survival guide on the internet
General: Posted 10-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has just released a free online booklet for Stage 6 students about privacy and the law. Find out abour Social networking and online privacy ID theft prevention ID scanning and privacy- Health and privacy rights- Top ten hints for keeping your personal information private
For more information, visit www.privacy.gov.au/topics/youth

If you are a Year 12 who does NOT have a TFN...
General: Posted 31-8-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The Australian Taxation Office has sent me a letter saying that A Tax File Number is need by school leavers. Without one, you cannot get get some Centrelink payments or defer your university fees to be paid later when you start work or if you are working, you will be taxed at the highest rate. See me for the form needed to apply ASAP and get this organised.

Miss the Year meeting on Monday 24th August?
General: Posted 24-8-09 Deadline - No Deadline
See me to collect your copy of the UAC book and booklet from the Federal Govt.

Have you got a Tax File Number yet?
General: Posted 24-8-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you haven't, you need to do something about it asap as you may not be able to get Centrelink payments or defer uni fees without it. See me for info.

Antipodeans Abroad GapBreak Program
General: Posted 17-8-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The GapBreak program is a 3-6 month volunteer placement in a developing country.This is a fantastic way to spend your first year out of school. Get a job, earn some money, do your three-month structured placement then go and see the world.
They run a first class, two-day Training Course which covers health and safety, responsible travel, teaching workshops and has loads of tips from past students to prepare you for the biggest journey of your life.Taking a GapBreak is a great way to prepare for your tertiary studies. You'll gain confidence, independence and a belief that you can make a difference.nformation Nights are held in the office at Suite 303A, 282 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, Sydney 2067 located opposite Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre. 25 Aug 2009 6.30pm - 7.30pm 29 Sep 2009 6.30pm - 7.30pm

For more information, visit www.antipodeans.com.au

Term 3 is the big one for careers and courses.
General: Posted 26-7-09 Deadline - No Deadline
All uni applications, scholarships, cadetships, some accommodation applications etc are all due this term. Please please read your emails regularly to keep up with what is happening so you don't miss out applying for, or attending a talk, which may affect your future.

Uncollected First Aid, RSA & RCG Certificates
General: Posted 7-7-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Please collect these from me ASAP.

myfuture Student Video Competition
General: Posted 7-7-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Are you a budding actor, photographer or director? Then why not let your talent shine as part of the myfuture Student Video Competition!The myfuture Student Video Competition gives young people the opportunity to submit 2-3 minute video clips that profile a range of occupations showing real people in real workplaces. Don't miss your chance to win part of a prize pool including computers, video cameras, ipods and the chance to appear on national television. This is your chance to learn something and have a lot of fun in the process. Entries close 30 September 2009.

For more information, visit www.myfuture.edu.au

Update: Senate Inquiry into Indep Youth Allowance
General: Posted 7-7-09 Deadline - No Deadline
People power has had an effect so far. Please read the attached document if you had planned to have a gap year to earn enough to qualify for the indep youth allowance.
Senate inquiry.doc

Resumes to get you a scholarship or a job
General: Posted 30-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Come to the AV Room at 12.50 on Thursday to find out what employers and universities expect and look for. Create a resume that won't end up in a bin.

Senior First Aid Certificates are here
General: Posted 29-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Please collect Certificate and card from Mrs Barrett

Gap year overseas & Youth Allowance
General: Posted 26-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I have received this infro: Places are still available in 2010 with Lattitude Global Volunteering!Even though our deadline has passed we still have over 200 places available in numerous countries for enriching gap year experiences. Projects still available for 2010 include:assisting in hospitals and community centres in Japan teaching in Poland working in an outdoor camp or residential home in the UK supporting disadvantaged communities in South Africa teaching English in Vietnam or China leading adventures in Canadian outdoor campsFor a full listing of projects available see www.lattitude.org.au. Youth Allowance The proposed changes to Youth Allowance recently announced by the Federal Government have understandably created concern for some students wanting to take a gap year from next year. Under the existing system, students need to earn approximately $19,500 within 18 months of finishing school to quality for the Youth Allowance. We currently support our returned volunteers with their applications to Centrelink by providing a statement of earnings, which includes the cost of accommodation and food as supplied by their host and any pocket money earned, that Centrelink include as part of earnings for Youth Allowance eligibility.Under the proposed changes students will need to work 30 hours a week for 18 months (within 2 years of finishing school) to qualify. The Senate are due to vote on the changes, and if approved they will come into effect from 1 January 2010. We are currently discussing options with Centrelink to possibly provide a statement of hours worked during a Lattitude placement as part of any new requirements, if implemented. We will keep you updated with any confirmed changes and approvals we obtain. With the proposed eligibility changes to requiring students to work 30 hours a week for 18 months, most students will need to defer their uni placements for two years to qualify. At present Australian universities generally allow placements to be deferred for 12 months only, which has been another concerning implication of the proposed changes. It's pleasing to see that one of Melbourne's universities recently announced they will now allow students to defer to two years and several other universities are considering offering the same. New country for 2010 - Japan!
We have exciting new projects opening up in Japan from March 2010! Volunteers will be able to gain invaluable experience for future medical or health related studies working in various departments in local hospitals, including Red Cross Hospitals. Opportunities are also available to really support the locals helping out in community homes and centres.

For more information, visit www.lattitude.org.au

RSA & RCG Certificates have arrived.
General: Posted 26-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Please collect these from me in person.

15 minute Resume writing workshop
General: Posted 24-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be held in the AV Room at 12.45 on Thursday 2nd July. Bring your lunch. Everyone will need a resume at some stage: applying for fulltime or part time jobs, college accommodation, scholarships etc.

Cultural Care Au Pair info meeting in Newcastle
General: Posted 24-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
See poster in Careers Noticeboard for details if you and your parents want information on this program as an option for a gap year.

AFS Intercultural Programs and exchanges
General: Posted 24-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
There are programs for high school students and for gappers 18+. See me for brochures or visit the website. Several past McCarthy students have done AFS exchanges.
For more information, visit www.afs.org.au

16 to go!
General: Posted 17-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are one of the 16 Year 12 students who has not yet had a careers interview with me, can you please see me to make an appointment. Also if you have changed your mind since speaking with me, I suggest you do the same.

Careers Room - Friday lunchtime
General: Posted 17-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
To look at anything mentioned in previous Alerts or to ask me any questions, see me on Friday please.

RSA & RCG in On!
General: Posted 12-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Monday and Tuesday: 3.15-9.15 in A4. Be there promptly and bring a pen, water and snacks for your brief meal break.

Online petition about Indep Youth Allowance
General: Posted 2-6-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are being affected or will be affected by the proposed changes or if you think the changes are unfair to rural students, you might like to add your name to an online petition.
For more information, visit greensmps.org.au/content/petition/changes-youth-allowance

Senior First Aid Course in June
General: Posted 25-5-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I have organised for this to be held here at school on Monday 22nd June and Tuesday 23rd June from 3.30-7.00pm to complete the practical component. Before this, you must have completed the workbook using the manual supplied to you. You will receive these after you pay your $85 to Mrs Forrest. Numbers are limited to the first 20 students who pay regardless of whether they put down their names or not. Students who do Hospitality Operations and Construction CANNOT do this course after school.

RSA & RCG Certificates have arrived
General: Posted 25-5-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Students who completed the course on 12-13 May can collect their Certificates from me in the Careers Room at lunchtime on Tuesday.

General: Posted 25-5-09 Deadline - No Deadline
These will be held as follows: RSA: Monday 15th June 3.15-9.30 and RCG: Tuesday 16th June 3.15-9.30. The cost of each course is $70 or $140 for both (highly recommended to do both to improve your employment chances). The first 25 to bring in their money get to do it.

Lattitude Global Volunteering (ex GAP Activi
General: Posted 14-5-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Lattitude says: REMINDER - ONE WEEK TO GO UNTIL 2010 APPLICATIONS CLOSE!If you are interested in our varied volunteer placements please remind them to complete their application form and forward to us ASAP as our closing date for 2010 departures is next week, Wednesday 20 May.
If you have any questions about volunteering opportunities available through us do not hesitate to call 03 9826 6266. See me for booklets and application forms. Please don't leave it to the last minute and it will take time to do and collate what they want.

RSA and RCG courses on May 12 and 13
General: Posted 30-4-09 Deadline - No Deadline
A reminder to those students doing the courses about the details: RSA will be on Tuesday 12 May from 3.15-8.30 at school with the RCG on Wednesday 13 May from 3.15-8.30. Bring a pen and snacks/food. There will be no chance to leave the school to get takeaway food. Both courses will be in A4.

First Aid Course coming up in May
General: Posted 30-4-09 Deadline - No Deadline
See the attached poster for details. Alternatively if you need a first aid qualification for a career or to improve your chances of getting a job or getting into a health or sport related course, you can check out the TAFE and Tamworth Community College who offer courses.
For more information, visit www.tamworthcc.nsw.edu.au/
Tamworth First AId.doc

AFS Australia - 240 Scholarships to Japan!
General: Posted 28-4-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Get ready to say ‘konnichiwa’ to a new you in 2009! Live and learn in Japan for two weeks, embrace diversity and learn more about Japanese culture! AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organisation that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. AFS are thrilled to announce that this year as part of the Experience Japan Program, 240 full scholarships valued at $8,000 each, will be offered to high school students aged between 15-18 years of age across Australia, including 15 Indigenous student scholarships and 24 teacher scholarships. Experience Japan is a program funded by the Japanese Government out of their ‘Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth’ JENESYS fund. This program was introduced to create solidarity and mutual understanding through youth exchange within the Asia Pacific region. This scholarship program is a 14 day cultural exchange to Japan and includes a 6 day home stay/ school visit component together with cultural and historical study tours of Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo for the remaining 8 days. The program was introduced to run annually from 2007-2011, with 660 participants in total from Australia and AFS partner countries (New Zealand, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India and more) spending an exciting two weeks in Japan. The program has enjoyed tremendous success over the last two years but this year we hope to make the experience better than ever for all those involved. If you would like to register your interest in the Experience Japan program as a participant please complete an online AFS Enquiry form or visit our website for further details.
For more information, visit www.afs.org.au

Advice about Term 3 2009
General: Posted 7-4-09 Deadline - No Deadline
In Term 3 Year 12 students will have to deal with some or all of these events: doing the Trial HSC, handing in or performing major works, attending uni open days, getting the UAC book, making on-time applications to university, applying for scholarships and applying for early entry and TAFE as well doing assessment tasks, homework and studying for the HSC. Any assessment tasks or topic summaries or work on major works that you can do these holidays will make life easier for you in Term 3.

L Platers and P Platers: course 14th March
General: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
TAFE will be running courses on how to maintain your vehicle on 14th March. See me or the noticeboard in the Senior Study for details and registration forms. Cost is $80 and it goes from 10.00am to 2.30pm.

Lattitude Gap year programs for 2010
General: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The first copies have arrived. Applications close on 20th May. See me for your copy.
For more information, visit www.lattitude.org.au

First Aid Course in May
General: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
For some careers and also uni courses in sports science and health, it is expected that you have first aid qualifications. Here are details of a course due to be held in Tamworth in May. See the attached link.
Tamworth First AId.doc

Are your friends on CareersAlert yet?
General: Posted 26-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Please check with your friends and either show them how to subscribe or ask them to see me. If they have not subscribed, they won't know what is going on re courses, career opportunities, deadlines and jobs.

Details of RSA and RCG courses.
General: Posted 26-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
RSA will be on Tuesday 12 May from 3.15-8.30 at school with the RCG on Wednesday 13 May from 3.15-8.30. Bring a pen and snacks. The cost per course is $70 so $140 if you do both which I strongly recommend as it increases your employment prospects in places like clubs and hotels. This is quite competitive compared to the costs of the courses at other places. There are 25 places in each course to the first 25 people to bring their money into Mrs Forrest in a school envelope marked "RSA and RCG".

Joining CareersAlert
General: Posted 20-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be the main method I have of letting students know what is going on, coming up, deadlines for applications, available jobs, scholarship and course information etc. You need to check your emails regularly and check that your friends have subscribed. If not, they will be in the dark and won't know what is going on or available. If you see something that you think one of your friends would be interested in, please pass it on.

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